Monday, December 1, 2008

Homeschool Day 60 - Monday, December 1, 2008

Game time: I know this is a Thanksgiving game, but it was just too cute to not be played. I suppose you could adapt it to Christmas using a tree or a snowman. We played the Roll A Turkey game. Shayla drew the winning turkey! (fine motor, math & fairness skills)

The winning turkey! Isn't she a beauty?

Journal: Draw your favorite Christmas traditions. She drew lights, stockings, reading Christmas stories, and gifts. . . specifically, opening gifts!

Activity: Draw your favorite book character. Shayla chose to draw Arthur. We seen Marc Brown, the author of the Arthur series, on pbs, teaching how to draw Arthur. So I drew it step-by-step and she followed verbal directions and made Arthur.

Reading: We enjoyed almost an hour of read-aloud time. Snowy days are just meant for snuggling close and enjoying a book (or more).

Specials: Christmas. First, we changed Shayla's magnetic calendar. She put the numbers in the appropriate places, then we talked about special days and put magnets on them. Then we counted the days until Christmas. Shayla removed one link of our construction paper advent chain. We started a new tradition this year that Shayla is already crazy about. When putting away Christmas decorations last year and cleaning up used wrapping paper, I wrapped up most all of her Christmas stories. They were stored in the attic with the decorations. She gets to unwrap and we read one story a day. I think we'll usually do it before bedtime, but we did it as part of school today.

Math: Addition. Since I introduced her to addition before "formal" schooling, this was review to her. We did these fun addition puzzles that I bought at Walmart. We counted how much was in group 1, then counted group 2, then counted the total. A fun way to review addition!

Reading: I wrote a list of 3 letter words on the white board. She read all the words by sounding them out. Then she told me the ending consonant. She completed pg 246 where she filled in the ending consonant.

Grammar: Nouns. I introduced nouns by reading Dr. Seuss' In a People House. We made columns on the white board and identified if the words were people, places or things.

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