Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Homeschool Day 61 & 62 - Dec 2-3, 2008

Spelling: Shayla took her first spelling pre-test. It was 8 short a 3-letter words. She got them all correct, except the word cap. She likes to use k's more than c's. She spelled the words aloud before writing them. She did need help writing several letters today. The only one that comes to mind is v. *Note: She always has troubles with v's and y's. She tends to draw two parallel lines. It's my understanding that this is an autistic trait. They have a terrible time with crossing lines. But, she makes x's fine (after much, MUCH practice!)

Phonics: Introduction of long vowel sounds. She completed Abeka lesson 9. I don't think the long-vowel sounds are quite clicking for her yet, she may need more practice before moving on.

I liked the curriculum idea. I made letter stairs on the white board. She had to tell me the letter and sound before "climbing" the next one. When she got to the top, she got to wear a crown (we had one from her Pretty, Pretty Princess board game).

Social Studies. Families. Shayla wrote My Family and drew stick like people for her family members and animals.

We have been doing plenty of workbook pages to fill in time!

Specials: Christmas. We sang songs from Holiday Piggyback Song book and from Preschool Express. We also did the cookie cutter fun. Shayla picked out all the Christmas cookie cutters and painted them. They made a lovely outline on paper. I think we'll use it for wrapping paper!

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