Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Back in his earlier bachelor days, my husband used to say he wanted lots of girls. . .

Guess what, he married me, and I had two girls from previous relationships. Then we had another daughter. And his mom spends every evening at our home.

He got his girls, but that's not what he had in mind. I told him be careful what you wish for.

Then he tells me that most men fantasizes about twins. So. . . he wanted twins???
Now he has twins!!! You think he would learn!!! SPECIFY!!!!
We "adopted" our first Pomeranian puppy, Jayden, several months ago. She is quite the spaz. As you can see, she is lying on our very, very old dog. *Note: We did not put her there for the photo op. either! Anyway, she was constantly wreaking havoc. She cried all night, she chewed on everything and everyone. She bit on Shayla's feet and tried biting and playing with our 13 year-old dog. She needed a playmate!
The gal we got Jayden from said she had one puppy from the litter left. She was happy to give her to us. In fact, she even brought her over.
Now I understand why people have their children so close together. They play together all day long! No more biting on us!
Jayden and Lizzie maybe from the same litter, but they each have unique personalities.
We compare Jayden to Morgan. She is a little bundle of energy! She is loud, and in-your-face. She barks, she begs, she's into everything!!! Oh and did I mention she scratches at the door when she wants in or out!
Lizzie on the other hand, is much like Shayla, she is quiet and shy. She does not bark (or make any noises). She prefers to hide from everyone. She is very skittish - every noise startles her.
It's funny that as different as they both are, just like kids, you love them the same!

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