Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Saving on Conditioner

As I've posted earlier, I have a teenager. Well, anyone with teens knows that they are wasteful little creatures by nature. It's the age. No amount of CVSing could keep up with the demands for personal care products. (In fact, a millionare couldn't keep up with the financial demands of a teenager, but we won't go there today!)

In our humble home. I noticed that this guilty culprit that will remain anonymous was going through a bottle of hair conditioner every week. EVERY WEEK!!!

I tried being the patient mother I am and explained that you only need a dime sized amount of the stuff. No avail.

Next, I tried being generous, I said even a quarter sized amount would be alright. Still didn't change anything. She said it comes out of the bottle too quickly. Now that got me thinking. I looked at the bottle and indeed the hole on the bottles were extremely large - allowing more than the necessary amount to come flowing freely.

My solution was to put the conditioner into an empty dishsoap bottle. The type that only allows a drop to come out at time.

I'm happy to report that our consumption of conditioner has decreased since trying this, so it works for me.

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Hadias said...

Good for you mom. Making life easier for you and for your teen.