Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Citizens: Near and Far Brownie Badge Work

Scouts at Home: Citizens: Near and Far. We started off by talking about what a citizen is. We read Children From Around the World. We used a globe to find each of the countries the children were from. (social studies & geography)

Television and Newspaper Reporter
The manual suggested that you learn about a story on tv, radio, or newspaper that showed how someone acted like a good citizen. Retell the story as the "good citizen" and "reporter."

Or. . .
Create a puppet show or skit on good citizenship.

We chose to have several puppet shows.

We had the puppets act out: picking up trash (that was not ours)in the park. Being helpful to someone in a wheelchair at the store. Telling others about Jesus. And a handful of other skits. I was pleasantly surprised at how many ideas she came up with!

We discussed missionaries and their jobs. How people can be missionaries here or far away. We talked about her cousins that are missionaries in Paupa, New Guinea.

We read and sang Raffi's Just Like You and Me book and found the countries on our globe.

Rules: It's the Law
We talked about how rules are mainly to keep everyone safe, happy, and healthy.

She brainstormed some of our family's rules. Here's what she came up with.

What Do You Think?

Voting. Shayla has always been a part of the voting process. I have taken her to the polls with me since she was born. At elections this November, we read some books about voting. We briefly discussed this again.
We also talked about voting in the family. You can vote on many things. We voted on what school subject to do next.
Calling All Helpers
We briefly discussed the United Nations and how people get together from many different countries to talk about problems they share.
1. Think of a global problem. We chose gas prices.
2. Ask adults how they think the problem could be solved. We came up with drilling in the US. Quit driving as much. Combine trips. Carpooling.
Lead the Way
We talked about how the gas prices affects our family. What did we do to help out? We quit driving as much, combine trips, and carpool whenever possible. We also discussed how the higher gas prices affects food prices and everything that we buy.
Reach Out
We talked about how we learn about missionaries at church, especially during VBS. We talked about how they are helping other people in other countries with their problems as well as spreading the gospel. We talked about how we can support our missionaries.

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