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Homeschool Days 42-45 November 1-5, 2008

Homeschool Day 42 – Sunday, November 2, 2008
See F is for First Disciples post

Homeschool Day 43 – Monday, November 3, 2008

Shayla finished up some letter F activities from yesterday (her Bible curriculum). Shh…don’t tell her she did school yesterday! We call it playing!!!

Scouts-at-Home: Careers: Dentist. With all the dentist appointments mom has had lately, I thought we should definitely talk about this career! First we read some non-fiction books about dentists from the library. We pointed out different tools and such. Then we read some books from Shayla’s collection, like Little Critter’s Just Going to the Dentist, Barney Goes to the Dentist, and Dora the Explorer: Show Me Your Smile: A Trip to the Dentist.

Then came the fun stuff!

Last year (as a homeschooling parent) I got a freebie available to Kindergarten classroom teachers. It was a classroom pack from Colgate-Palmolive. It contained a Dr. Rabbit DVD(similar to Reader Rabbit character), a poster of the proper way to brush, 30 toothbrush packets and take-home booklets. I don’t know if this would be available, but it may be worth it to email the manufacturer asking for it.

We watched the DVD and played dentist.

First we put Shayla’s doll, Shyanne, into the chair. We used our old rocker-recliner as the dentist chair. First we put a spit bib on Shyanne (an old handkerchief worked well but you could use anything). Then the dentist put on her mask. I was hoping to find a paint mask around here, but no such luck, instead we used a handkerchief. I just safety pinned it in the back. We discussed the proper way to brush teeth. Shayla pretended to brush her teeth.

Then Shayla had a turn in the chair. I demonstrated to her (as a dentist, of course)how to properly brush your teeth. *Note to self: Maybe we should play dentist every night to get those teeth brushed right! LOL!

I think this was good for her because I think she had a fear of the dentist.

Homeschool Day 44 – Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day! If you haven’t already, I encourage you to go vote. (Social Studies) I have taken my youngest daughter with me when voting – always. This is the first time I have done an absentee ballot, but I made sure to explain that I still voted. Since this has always been a part of her life, she has a good understanding of this process.

We spent almost an hour reading So You Want to Be President? By Judith St. George and Vote by Eileen Christelow. These books are really well written, they make the voting process easy to understand for young children (2 grade level and above?). Then we looked at some US President flash cards. We named each one and what number of President he was. Shayla said she would not like to be President as a career, either.

Scouts-at-Home: Careers. Doctor or Nurse. We read several non-fiction library books about being doctors or nurses. Shayla is particularly interested in nursing. I also realized in doing the careers badge, we completed the Abeka 1st gr social studies curriculum entitled Community Helpers. *I think she took great joy in giving shots to her baby. Look how long it took her to give a shot!

Thanksgiving is our favorite time of year because we have so many things to be thankful for. In anticipation, we are going to be reading a story or doing an activity (or both, on a good day). (Social Studies). Today we read Oh, What a Thanksgiving! By Steven Kroll.

Reading: We finally did something from the curriculum. LOL! It suggested that Shayla cut an object in a magazine out to represent each letter of the alphabet. Since we did multiple projects of this nature in previous years, and because it would take her most of the week to finish this, I changed it. She used her alphabet flashcards instead, then I devised a clothesline (a string knotted onto two push pins – hung across Morgan’s closet front). Shayla had a blast hanging the letter cards in alphabetical order. I was pleased to see her using her hand muscles to open the clothespins. Maybe she can help me hang clothes outside on the line now!

BTW, if there is anyone out there that actually thinks I get it all done, like supermom. Take a look at Morgan's closet. We did this activity in Morgan's room because Shayla's is actually worse right now. Just keeping it real!

Phonics/Reading: She read Bob books 1&2 from set 1. She practiced –at, -am, and –ad word cards and sight words the, and, on.

Homeschool Day 45 – Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Scouts-at-Home: Careers. Astronaut. We read library book, I Can Be An Astronaut. Shayla said she did not want to be an astronaut because she didn’t want to travel that far away from home. After we read some fun fiction books, (Astronaut Critter and Little Bear Goes to the Moon) we dressed up as astronauts and pretended we were flying in outer space. She wore my “moon boots” and a construction helmet as a spacesuit. We used a round shape pop-up tent as our spaceship. Then we talked about the moon – it was bumpy and holey (huh, so is our yard! LOL!) (language) We talked about gravity differences on the moon (science)and practiced “moon walking.” (phys ed). She created a space scene by coloring on her black Crayola Color Explosion paper. She made planets, moons, stars, and spaceships.

Ready for countdown! 5...4...3...2...1...blastoff. Wait is that Jayden? The first puppy in space!?!

Countdown to Thanksgiving: Today we read another old-time favorite, An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving by Louisa May Alcott. We love the colorful pictures and the “Little House” style of clothing and home.

Reading: We read Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? We discussed what letters words started with. She then completed pg. 261 With What Do I Begin? I printed off the animals from Brown Bear, Brown Bear. She colored them, cut them out and she clothespinned them on the line in story order. This was unplanned, but she had such a great time doing it. Each time she added one, we retold the story - complete with signing/movements for the animals!

Phonics: We started reading Bob Book #3 – Dot. I introduced new sight word a and she learned dot and has. She colors in the pages on her Bob books to make them more special to her. Completed Abeka phonics lesson 4. It was review. We sang Old MacDonald’s phonics song and l-lamp, b-bell, t-table sounds. I re-introduced blend ladders. I had tried previously, but she wasn’t ready. She remembered every bit and seems ready to move along this time!

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