Sunday, November 9, 2008

Caring and Sharing Try It

It just so happens that the caring and sharing try it works well with our social studies unit. Isn't that something!

What makes a Friend?

We started off talking about what makes a friend. We read Eric Carle's book, Do You Want to be My Friend. We also read Making Friends it's a book on CD. She was not into this and honestly, neither was I.

I Care

We started off by making cards for the people in our immediate family. Hey, Shayla loves to use my rubber stampers for any occasion! We explained that she is earning her Caring and Sharing patch and she wanted to do a kind deed for each person to show she cares. Here's what we came up with:

Morgan - do her chores for the evening - done.
Dad - get firewood in for the evening and make him a yummy treat! She chose to make him a dark chocolate fudge cake! Oh, won't he be pleasantly surprised!!! - done
Grandma B - she will sing songs, read books to her and colored her a page out of her giant coloring book. (Grandma likes to display "fine art" on her refrigerator! - done

This took the better part of the day, but we had fun doing these things together and I think it was a valuable lesson.


We discussed how sometimes even friends don't always agree. We compared some of our favorite things, like school subjects (hers: phys ed, mine: art & reading)favorite places (home, playground, etc). You get the idea!

What if?

We used stuffed dolls to act out the following scenarios:

-Your best friend is crying. How would you show you care?
-One of the girls has a birthday.
-Your mother has something important to do and can’t play with you.
-A neighbor falls and breaks a leg.
-Your friend is afraid of failing a test.
-A classmate forgot his lunch.

We also made several of our own scenarios. Shayla really enjoyed acting these out and actively participated in dialog between characters. Woo-hoo! (Social studies, communications – social skills, character)

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