Monday, November 3, 2008

F is for First Disciples

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Memory verse: "Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men." Matt. 4:19

At some point in time, we had started doing the curriculum activities. I will list them along with what we did this time.

I found a slew of stuff to use here and here. Including the color pages that we do to add to our Bible songbook/scrapbook.

We watched The Call of the Disciples on the Read 'n' See DVD Bible. Shayla always likes the song after the story. She mentioned yesterday how she's able to "read" the words on the tv screen. Then we read The Story of Jesus and His Disciples Storybook. (reading)

Shayla enjoyed this lesson because I was able to find lots of songs to go with it. We learned Twelve Disciples. Then we sang and danced to I Have Decided to Follow Jesus, I Will Make You Fishers of Men, and Go Fish, Go Fish. Then we did The Fish Are Gonna Bite and Gonna Go Fishin' from her Mary Rice Hopkins: In My Garden CD.

We made a paper plate fish from Christian Crafts from Paper Plates book, but you could use a craft from the above sites.

We solved the Jesus cube puzzle and played ABSeas fishing game. If you are not fortunate enough to own ABSeas, you could make your own by cutting out fish shapes and putting a paper clip on the end. Then use a pencil and string with a magnet attached. On the fish you could put letters, numbers, memory verses, colors, whatever makes learning fun.

You could play Go Fish card game.

F is for family. Draw a picture of your family and label with family members names. (art, writing)

F is for feeding 5,000. Read the story of Jesus feeding 5,000 people (Matt. 14:13-21). Discuss why it was a miracle to feed so many with so little (language). Show by example. This is a basic lesson in fractions. Cut a whole piece of fruit, cake, pizza, or whatever into many pieces or servings. Another fun idea is to have goldfish crackers or gummy fish for a snack. Ah, but wait, before they can eat, they have to count and sort by color!

F is for Four Seasons. Discuss what changes occur in each season. Review the months of the year. (science/social studies)

F is for Fall. Google fun fall activities, then get outside and do some! All the while talking about what is happening in fall. (science)

F is for Forests. Discuss what plants and animals live in the forest. (language) If you can, visit a forest. Draw a picture of plants and animals you seen there. What would happen if we cut down all the trees? (science, art)

F is for Feelings. Discuss how you feel when...? Take turns making faces at each other and the other guessing what they are feeling. Look through a magazine and talk about feelings by using facial cues and body language. This is one of Shayla's favorite things to do! (social studies)

F is for Friends. Discuss what makes a good and bad friend. (language). Draw a picture of your friend. (art) What do you like to do together? Do something together!
If you have more activities for letter F, feel free to leave a comment!

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