Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Utilizing Your Scanner

I don't have a photo of my latest project, sorry! My Works For Me idea is utilizing your scanner.
I just recently got one of these all one copier, printer, scanners and I am in love with the thing. Not only do I use it daily for posting school work online, but it would also be useful to scan most of her papers and purge the rest. Then save them on disks for assessment time!
Another project I'm doing is scanning pages in magazines that I had kept for one reason or another. I have years of Family Fun and Crafts magazines. Now, I will never purge all my magazines, because we frequently use old magazines and newspapers to cut things out of for our homeschool. But I sure can purge a bunch of them! My personal goal was to get one magazine a day done, but I think a week is more realistic for me!
Idea #2 I hope to get started on is, scanning all my daughter's special allergy food wrappers and labels and putting these with her special recipes in a cookbook.
Idea #3: Scanning photos and saving to disk. I would like to make a special disk of my oldest daughter throughout her childhood years to give to her for her wedding. What? It's only 18 days away? Maybe I'll aim for Christmas! LOL!
Note to self: I have 2 other daughters that I could begin doing this for. Maybe I'll get it done in time for their weddings!
Idea #4: Scanning receipts, bills and statements and pitching the hard copy.
The possibilities are endless. It's time to do it (and motivation), that's the problem! LOL!
What other ideas do you have for utilizing your printer, scanner, copier?


Cassandra @ Tripping Around The Sun said...

I love the idea. I havent thought of scanning anything other than photos but that's brilliant....

Kirby3131 said...

I just recently learned about our scanner. I knew I had one, but had never used it. I wanted to put in a picture of my smashed penny collection (just a few actually) and my photographs weren't coming out clear - so I decided to try the scanner. It was amazing!

Thanks for the additional ideas for the new "must have" in my house!

Have a fabulous day!

My WFMW this week is Pack & Ship

Lisa said...

Good ideas! We just received our first ever scanner.

Robyn said...

Funny you ahould ask. Last week I started a new craft using my scanner.
I buy up old children's books at the library for $.10 each. They're the ones with the really cute vintage artwork. I like making greeting cards and gift tags by taking the pictures out and putting them on cardstock, but I feel so guilty about tearing pages out of the books!
So I started scanning them-
I made some birthday cards, and
my boys and I made birthday invitations this week for my almost 2 year old. Now I can reuse the same pictures, and don't have to tear them out!