Monday, October 6, 2008

Menu Plans for Oct 5 - Oct 11, 2008

Don't you just love this fall banner for Menu Plan Monday? For more menu plans go here.

I love all things fall! The colors, the leaves, pumpkins, foraging for walnuts (which I hope to do this week), my husband hopefully getting a deer for the freezer. I love the dreary days and the rain. I love the decorations in our home for fall. I love the fall festivals, (I hope to attend some now that the harvest is finished). I love watching my daughter participate in fall sports (when not raining or snowing). I love that soon our schedule will be slowing down, even with holiday and wedding preparations about to begin!

What I don't love about fall is the colder weather and the upcoming winter months. That I could do without.

This week the girls picked the menu. Both have agreed to help in the kitchen this week. They mostly picked fall comfort foods.

Sunday: Spaghetti & Meatballs, leftover biscuits, leftover veggies

Monday: Thickened chicken noodle soup over leftover mashed potatoes, or baked potatoes, biscuits/homemade bread, peas, salad, jello cup

Tuesday: Soup Beans (One of Shayla's favs), of course, that would be of the non-farting kind. My girls would never do that, dontcha know! (Side note: HA! HA! HA!)Homemade bread/biscuits

Wednesday: Chicken & rice stirfry wraps, salad, chocolate chocolate chip cookies

Thursday: Chili soup, baked potatoes, biscuits/bread, baby carrots & celery sticks, cheese & crackers/fruit snack

Note to self: cook roast in crock #2 for broth for Saturday's meal.

Friday: Crockpot roast, leftover chicken rice, cabbage & onions, biscuits, no bake cookies

Saturday: Beef & gravy from Fri roast over mashed potatoes, peas, biscuits, leftover cabbage & onions, salad, apple slices or applesauce

Sunday: Sloppy joes, french fries, salad, cheese chunks or popsicles

What do you love about fall?

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