Monday, October 20, 2008

Scout Schooling

Stacy's theme today is about careers. It is targeted for high schoolers. My second daughter is a freshman, but is not homeschooled. We do "homeschool" throughout the summer. Basically just work on her cadet girl scout program and Training Our Daughters to be Keepers at Home. It's a home economics curriculum.

My daughter Shayla and I (she's in first grade)have been talking about careers, too. So far she says she only wants to be a kid, but maybe someday she'll change her mind. LOL! (Hopefully!)

We've been doing Shayla's Junior Girl Scout badgework at home. I call it Scouts-at-Home. She loves it because I make all the activities hands-on. Here are the posts. She has earned more and I will post them as I have time.

Careers: We are currently still working on this and have more to post on it.

One of the posts has other links for "scout schooling."

For more homeschooling ideas, go here.


Stacy said...

Thanks for posting on my blog today. I wish we could get more people involved! For now, I'll be thankful for the ones who do post.

Stacy said...

I don't know what the ratio would be if you use a diffuser. Since I didn't purchase one, I didn't bother to check. It might still be the same as using it in a spray bottle. (15 and 15)