Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Drink Your Vegetable Water and Help Please

I'm not trying to sell anything, I promise. My kitchen tip is not revolutionary. In fact it's not even hard or time consuming.

Do I have your attention now?

Let me further interest you by saying it will stretch your grocery budget and help your family's bodies get the vitamins and nutrients they so desperately need.

Now that your sitting on the edge of your seat, dying of suspense, drumroll please:

Drink your veggie water!

After you soak your beans or steam your cabbage, broccoli or whatever, don't throw out the water. Cool it in the fridge and drink it. Can't get past the taste, add it to some juice. Put it in homemade soups or stews. I personally don't like the bean water, but rather than waste all those B vitamins my plants, garden and compost pile get my bean water. I don't think plants get gassy! Cheap fertilizer!

Now let me briefly explain the health benefits. Your body has a pH range. If your range gets too low, you become acidic. Being acidic causes fatigue, high blood pressure, strokes and a whole host of other health maladies. Most veggies and the water they are cooked in is alkaline. When you eat the veggies/drink the water, your system becomes more alkaline. The results, more lower pH range = more energy. As an added bonus, it is very helpful to ladies of the childbearing age. Veggies like cabbage and broccoli contain iron that your body can assimilate. It provides energy and relief from PMS!

I've been doing this the past few years and I can tell a big difference in my sense of well-being when I get away from this.

I have a question I pray someone can answer for me.

Does anyone have a recipe for a gluten, milk, corn, soy, yeast free bread? I had been buying a sourdough fruit sweetened bread from Food for Life at $8/loaf, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to get. And expensive! I have found lots of yeast breads and I make a biscuit that tastes decent, but I really would like a bread recipe (sourdough or not) that is similar.

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Amber C said...

I don't have a bread recipe but if you find one I would love to have it. I have severe allergies and have yet to find a bread that I like.

I do have a cake recipe that is only good to me but if you would like it just let me know.

Just wanted to say I have read you blog for several months but just started one of my own so now I can post.

Kirstin said...

Try this link. She has a gluten free blog. http://glutenfreehomemaker.blogspot.com/

Your veggie water could work added to smoothies. I wonder if you froze it in cubes if it would lose the nutrients? Probably huh?

Linda said...

I like the veggie water tip and will give that a try.

I'd like to email you some bread recipe information, but I couldn't find a way to do that. You can go to my site and send me an email by clicking on the "contact" tab under my header.