Monday, October 20, 2008

Menu Plans for Oct 19 - 25, 2008

If you are looking for some awesome, new foods to try. Sorry, this is not the place! In fact, I believe I need to post a disclaimer with this post:
Meals subject to change!
There, now that that has been said...
Sunday: Leftover baked chicken, mashed potatoes, mixed veggies (Hurray for leftovers!)
Monday: Homemade chicken helper, baked potatoes, biscuits, steamed cabbage & onions, salad, snack: apple slices
Tuesday: Fried potatoes & onions cooked in leftover gf bacon grease, green beans (canned from our garden), biscuits/bread, salad, snack: homemade pamela's cookies/no bake cookies
Wednesday: salmon patties, chicken rice (using frozen broth from Saturday's baked chicken), leftover green beans, cole slaw, snack: tortilla chips & salsa
Thursday: Steaks, homemade onion rings, some kind of veggies, salad
snack: apple slices
Friday: chili soup, biscuits/bread, celery & carrot sticks with peanut butter
snack: cookies
Saturday: Eat out!
This week we are eating what is in the house. I will not have time to do much shopping. I need to focus on homeschooling and posting her progress, cleaning the house without my vacuum (that's a whole other post), being a helper to my husband's many projects, and keeping my anxiety level under control because my first daughter is getting married this weekend.
On a separate note here, has anyone with a cow's milk allergy had good experiences with goat's milk? Myself and daughter #3 are on a strict gf/cf diet. We bought some goat's milk from Whole foods this past weekend ($6 per 1/2 gal. - Ouch). I think I'll freeze it until after daughter's wedding because it may cause a gut reaction or relapse in fatigue. Don't need that!
Please stay week I'm planning on trying some new things!


Jennifer said...

I have always been too scared to try goat's milk with my dd who is allergic to dairy. i guess I was worried about a reaction and her being so little and not being able to tell me if she wasn't feeling well. She is 8 now, so I could probably try it. Something for me to think about anyway.

Calina said...

If you try it - buy a milk goat. Who can afford $6/half gallon for milk? It's not that we drink that much, but I will use it for cooking (if it works for us). That's to feed a family of 4 plus Grandma.