Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Homeschool Day 33 - Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Scouts at Home (Social Studies): Today we learned about being a farmer. We read I’m Going to be a Farmer and If You Were a Farmer. We discussed that farmers can grow crops or animals or both. Most of this stuff is just second nature for Shayla because we put out a half acre vegetable garden, harvest wild berries, apples and grapes, and are beginning to acquire a whole menagerie of farm animals. I guess we are farmers. She said she would not like to be a farmer. After reading the books, we played with her Fisher Price farm set, then we sang Old Mac Donald had a farm.

Activity: Shayla traced each of the dotted number words one-ten and the numbers. Then she drew the correct number of circles beside it.

Math: Patterns. We read aloud I See Patterns (reading). We read nursery rhymes and talked about the pattern of them. We clapped the beat and snapped on the rhyming word. Of course she enjoyed getting her nursery rhyme book out for this! Then we played with colored foam shapes on the floor. I started a pattern and she completed them. We also played Zoorama. It’s a NSA Wings game I bought at a yard sale many years ago. It helped out with decision making, addition and subtraction skills, grouping/categorizing.
Shayla completed pg 175 of the workbook. It was completing patterns. Some of the shapes and numbers she drew, others she traced from dotted lines I made. Still others were unrealistic to expect any first grader to draw, so she verbally dictated the pattern and I drew it.

Language: Shayla completed pages 7-13 of the Christian Learn-at-Home workbook. It was about beginning and end sounds of words.

Reading: We went outside on a word walk and named objects and the sounds they began and ended with. Shayla read Bob Book, Mat. I put –at on a flash card and she matched consonants b,c,f,h,m,p,s with at and read the words. If she read the word correctly she got to keep the card, if she answered incorrectly, I kept it. She only missed one and it upset her! She got it right and earned it back at the end of the pile. She really did it. Yay! She is also starting to point out words in stories I read to her. Not often, but maybe it’ll come. Then I helped her read another book called Fat Cat. She was not quite ready for this. We did part of the second lesson of Abeka phonics. We reviewed the short e and i sound. I called out a word if it had the short e sound she raised her hand, if it had the short i sound, she stuck out her tongue.

Fall Activities: We sang apple songs, October songs & rhymes, and Fall Leaves songs & rhymes.

Phys Ed: We briefly went outside to jump on the trampoline during our word walk. It was too cold for us.

Another very productive day for us!

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Jennifer said...

I like how you are documenting your school days so well with pictures. I need to take more of them. BTW, I tagged you for the 7 things about me meme.