Saturday, September 13, 2008

Star Shaped Crayons

The girls and I made these awesome crayons.

First, we peeled the crayons and broke into tiny pieces.
Then, I melted them and poured them into these Pampered Chef ice cube trays. I coated mine with some canola oil before adding melted crayon.
I put them in the freezer until they hardened. Use a knife to go around the shape, then beat upside down on the counter.

They make coloring different and fun! They're especially good for younger kids!

We tried several science experiments with this project. We tried putting the crayons in the trays in the back window of my car in the direct sunlight. I totally did not want to smell the fumes of melted crayon. It did not work.

We also tried microwaving the crayons in the trays, that also was a failure.

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HDMac said...

Very creative and a fun idea! :)