Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Homeschool - Day 7 - Weds. Sept 10, 2008

Activity: Shayla drew horizontal and vertical lines using a ruler much easier today. I gave her verbal instructions (find the top left box)she would identify, then I would draw a dotted number she would trace it using the directions for making each number that I told her. I told her to find a certain number and color of dot stickers. She did the dots with ease, she still had trouble following verbal directions with dotted numbers and had to erase and redo several times.

Music & Movement: We are using songs from Dr. Jean and Friends CD. The first song is called Today is Monday. It goes through all the days of the week and names food, then does each food/day backwards. Good for memory! We did the 5 Little Monkeys song. We made motions to go with it. It teaches subtraction/backward counting. We did Mother Gooney Bird - it helps with left/right and memory. We did the Days of the Week song. We did it in English, we used ASL to make days of the week signs, we did it again in English using fingers to count in ASL to 7. Then we sang it again in Spanish. We took this time to change our day/weather charts. We reviewed spelling of days of the week and Spanish words for days of the week. I read All Through the Week with Cat and Dog (reading).

Math: Shayla used pointer and chart and pointed to numbers 1-100 while counting. There was much improvement over yesterday. I asked Shayla to point to random numbers on the chart. She had problems with this - review tomorrow. We reviewed skip counting by 2's. Shayla still didn't act like she got it. We read The Skip Count Song (reading). I think she finally started understanding it when we read The Bugs Go Marching. She was able to put the skip counting to music and movement (on the exercise ball). After this I gave her a chart of 1-100. We counted by 2's and put stars on the numbers. We counted again when we got to the end of each line. We will review briefly tomorrow. We discussed things that come in pairs. I had to explain the difference between pear and pair, first, then we brainstormed. I read Buttons, Buttons (reading). Shayla was able to really read some of the words in this simple book! Then we took the flashcards (1-10)from yesterday and put the correct number of buttons around them. (fine motor). Shayla then traced dotted numbers 1 and 2. Much improvement over yesterday (writing).

Reading: Shayla put together upper and lowercase letter puzzles. She did this with ease.

After all this hard work, we went on a field trip to pick out books at the library and other errands. What a busy day!

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