Sunday, September 14, 2008

Menu Plan for Week of Sept. 14-20, 2008

This is a pretty boring week. I'm planning on looking over some of you guys' menu plans for next week's ideas at I'm pretty brain dead right now. I've been under the weather for several days now. Luckily, my hubby was home. He stepped right in to take care of my business. Even some homeschooling. What a guy, huh!
So, here's this weeks menu even though the thought of food makes me want to heave again.
Sunday: Roast, Biscuits/Bread, salad, veggies, zucchini bread
Monday: Salmon patties, potato wedges, peas, cabbage, apple slices
Tuesday: Potato soup, biscuits/bread, salad, veggies, jello
Wednesday: Egg burritos, baked potatoes, cabbage & onions, veggies, cookies
Thursday: chili soup, biscuits/bread, salad, veggies
Friday: chicken nuggets & french fries, pizza (for those not on gf/cf diet)salad, veggies
Saturday: tacos, refried beans, salad, veggies, pineapple


HDMac said...

sounds like a nummy menu! I have tacos and roast on my menu this week too! :)

Shynea @ Penny Pinching Diva said...

I felt like my menu this week was boring too. I have taco bar on my menu for this week. It is something easy and quick for me to make, but my family loves it.