Monday, September 15, 2008

We Survived a Category 1

It looks like I hadn't been gone any amount of time, but I set up my last post ahead of time. (Love that feature).

Anyway, yesterday was sooo windy, here. We had many gusts over 80 miles per hour and it lasted about 4 hours. It looks like a tornado went through here! There were trees and power lines down everywhere. We live beside and in front of woods. I watched as four huge trees fell to the ground. How scary!

In the meantime, our schedules quickly changed. I knew we would probably lose power and after our last experience with this, I hurried up and washed the dirty laundry, the dirty dishes and filled the bathtub and buckets with water to wash with and then flush with. I filled every pot and pan with water to drink. Hubby stopped by store and grabbed some ice to keep food & meds in fridge cold.

Half a million people in OH were without power still this morning. We were blessed to have only lost power for four hours or so. All the schools and many businesses are closed. They said on the news this morning that the winds here in OH were like a category 1 hurricane. All I can say is, if that is what a category 1 is like, I would sure hate to see ANYTHING stronger. I have a new respect for those that weather these storms all the time.

My youngest daughter had alot of fun when the power was out. She was playing flashlight tag and putting on a one-man singing and dancing show for us all. It was very entertaining! She was actually sad when the power came back on!

Our family is going to be rethinking our storm/emergency plans. What do you do to plan for emergencies? Do you have supplies put back? What are they? We are thinking of investing in an emergency radio and lanterns, does anyone know a good brand? The crank flashlights we bought from walmart are junk, so I could use suggestions.

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Jennifer said...

Glad you made it through OK. The wind was just awful! Next time I have to remember to fill pots with water, as were had none.