Thursday, September 18, 2008

Homeschool - Day 11- Thursday, Sept 17, 2008

Can we be on Day 11 already!?! Only 169 days of 1st grade left!

Today we started by solving another large floor puzzle of the alphabet. This one was with Clifford the Big Red Dog holding each letter of the alphabet.

Grammar & Writing: I read "I Can Write" a little book by Creative Teaching. Shayla likes the pictures and the print is large and very easy. I'm hoping it gives her confidence that she, too, can write. Shayla completed page 11 of ARfH-K. She traced Oo's. We discussed patterns because of this page. She also practiced tracing her name again. She really is not showing any improvement at all on writing without the dots. She just doesn't remember how the letters are formed and gets them backward when given verbal directions. I am going to be learning about dyslexia and exercises to do to help her with this. It's becoming apparent that we are dealing with a learning disability. Instead of doing the curriculum, we did this today. I bought a small white board with lines like elementary school lined paper. I formed the lowercase letters a-z (one at a time), verbally tellling how I was making it, where to place it (under the middle line, start at the top line, etc). I had her trace my letters with a different colored dry erase marker. *Note: Shayla is not lazy and unmotivated. She so much wants to be able to write. We used these Bender Blocks to form the lowercase letters (a-z). I wrote the letters on the white board, then verbally told and sometimes showed Shayla how to form the letters. *Note: This is similar to Handwriting without Tears. Much cheaper, especially since I found these at a yard sale many years ago. We formed the letters, then I had her trace over the wooden letter with her finger.

I am trying not to become discouraged, but it's apparent that we are not going to be able to keep up with this curriculum. We are still on week 1. Oh well, that's the great thing about homeschooling. It's adapting to her learning needs.

Spelling: I introduced letters d,m,r, and f. I had Shayla find each letter magnet and put on her magnet board. Then we took turns naming words that began with each letter sound. She completed pg 327 Beginning Sounds 11. She was able to verbally identify each object and the letter it began with. I made dotted letters after she identified them, then she traced them. She is not behind here at all, so it must not be a auditory problem.

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