Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Very Busy Spider - Homeschool Day 12

The Very Busy Spider Mini-unit Study Day!

Spelling: Shayla picked out magnet letters and spelled our theme word "Spider."

Reading: I read aloud The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle. Shayla enjoyed that the web stuck out from the page, so you could feel it with your finger. We compared how much the spider had built her web on each page. (language)

Foreign Language: We learned the ASL sign for spider here.

Music & Movement: We did the Itsy Bitsy Spider fingerplay and learned these new spider songs.

Science: We learned many things and seen spider pictures here. We also read Spider Silk by Augusta Goldin a Let's Read and Find Out Science Book. We went outside and observed a spider in an orb web. I read an idea to spray paint the spider web onto a piece of paper, but this did not work.

Art: We made this paper spider.

And...of course, a spider has to have a web, so we used glue and silver glitter and made the spider this web.

She also completed a page with the Very Busy Spider activity book we were using. It had the animals in the book. Each animal was in a block and there was the number of the order which it came in the book. She traced the number, traced the color word, colored the animal the color word. Then she cut and glued the squares onto a color corresponding piece of construction paper. To reinforce math skills, she counted and put the correct number of stickers on each page of her mini-booklet. (math)

Speech/Play: We found little animals that went with the story. She re-enacted the story using her puppet theater and little animals, while I read the story. The family loved her performance!

Phys. Ed: We played Spider in the Web on the trampoline. One of us was the spider in the middle. We would reach out and grab for the "prey" when they least expected it.

Another thing we did was watch Charlotte's Web movie. An old-time favorite!

*Note: I started supplementing her diet with essential fatty acids and she seems to be doing better as far as focus, following directions, and fine motor skills.

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