Thursday, September 18, 2008

Homeschool - Day 10 - Weds, Sept 16, 08

We started the day by changing the days of the week and weather charts. Then we had music & movement with Dr. Jean. We reviewed ASL signs and Spanish for the days of the week. We also reviewed counting in ASL 1-7.

Activity: Shayla drew a horizontal and vertical line on her paper to make 4 boxes. Today we were working on triangles. I tried to show her how to draw one, but she couldn't get it, so I drew dotted numbers in each of the four boxes. I made her tell me what the number was (ie...What is the number in the top left box?) She identified it as 2. She then traced two. Then I made two dotted triangles in that box. She traced them. At the bottom of the boxes I wrote a color word. I verbally told Shayla to color the triangles by the color words. She was able to complete this task without me standing over her! She remembered (or read) the words and got them all correct! Woo-hoo! Following directions to completion is something she usually has trouble with.

Math: Math is quickly becoming Shayla's favorite thing! How ironic! We must be polar opposites because I despise math. First we read our little books about skip counting. Then we practiced counting by 1's, 2's, 5's and 10's using the chart. I would call out a random number and Shayla would point to it on the chart. Our focus today was counting by 5's. Shayla was given a paper with 1-100 on it. She circled every number by 5's. She chose a different color marker for each number circled. We sang 5,10,15,etc for each number she circled. She liked this and was singing it on her own later. It took much longer to do it this way, but she got it. I guess that's what matters. Then I folded a sheet of paper into many squares. Shayla cut the squares out then rubber stamped numbers by 5 on them (5,10,15,20,25). We used m&m's to count and put on the squares to be a hands-on approach to teach counting by 5's.

Reading: First, we solved a large Fisher-Price alphabet floor puzzle. Then I retaught vowels and consonants. This was review from last year when I tried to teach phonics. She showed she was not ready to go forward last year, but for some reason retained the vowel/consonant part of the learning process. She completed pg 258 Letter Lift. She cut out letters and put them on the appropriate (vowel/consonant)hot air balloon.

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