Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bubble Painting

I've been wanting to do this activity for awhile, but bubbles don't last long in our house! They get popped in NO time flat. We got some the other day and I put them back for this fun activity.

First the girls painted the bubbles. (Yes, Morgan was home from school and actually helped. I love to see the girls sharing and working together, because it's something that never happens!)

Then we put the painted bubbles on top of paper.

Ta-da! Another masterpiece!

We might save these and use as wrapping paper for family members gifts!

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Stacee said...

I love reading your blog! We're a homeschooling family also and in the pandemonium over the years I tend to forget to do the fun stuff - your blog has reinspired me to make things fun again around here :)