Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Homeschool - Day 9 - Tues, Sept. 16, 2008

Today we got quite a bit done. Surprisingly!

We started with spelling. It is just an introduction to beginning and end letter sounds. This is review for her. We put her abc flashcards in order and she picked out the letters I told her to. (b,t,s, and c). We took turns naming words that began and ended with each letter. She completed pg. 326 circling Beginning Sounds. Then she colored by directions. She then practiced writing a b,t,s, and c. First, she traced the letters I had written, then she traced over the dotted letters I had formed, lastly, I tried to get her to make them on her own. (handwriting) *Note: She makes letter c perfectly - backwards.

Social Studies: We named different emotions and feelings. We discussed when we felt those feelings. Then Shayla looked in the mirror and made each face we named. She then made a paper plate person of herself. Completed pg 373 Silly Me (finishing the sentences - I feel sad when...). Then we did one of her favorite activities, we sat down together and looked at a new Parents magazine. We discussed the pictures, the people, what they were doing and feeling (by using facial cues and body language).

Science: I read Is It Alive? We reviewed the definition of living things. Shayla cut pictures out of a magazine and glued them on appropriate sides of chart living/non-living.

Shayla then had journal time. We also wrote an original number poem about our family. Shayla illustrated it.

Music & Movement: We put the alphabet cards on the floor throughout the house in a trail. We walked, skipped and jumped by the letters as we sang The Alphabet Song. She loved this and did it about a dozen times. My camera batteries were dead at that Kodak moment! Then we listened and did motions to Dr. Jean songs. We reviewed Spanish & ASL signs.

We changed days of the week/weather charts. We reviewed tracing her name and her dotted name. We also jumped on the trampoline and read a pile of library books. Including a Magic School Bus Book about Microbes. She really seemed to learn alot from this!

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