Monday, August 11, 2008

Salt "Sand" Art Fun

First, we poured salt into into an old muffin pan that I designated specifically for crafts. Then add six drops of food color. Stir until all salt is colored. Place outside or someplace warm so it will dry out.

The first craft we made was one of those sand art jars like I used to make at the county fair. Ok, I'm showing my age here, but it was a fun childhood memory. Anyway, I washed a plastic honey jar and removed the label. Shayla added layers of colored sand. She enjoyed using a funnel to make it go through.

Here's the finished project! Sorry for the bad photo!

Today's arts and crafts time, we took the leftover salt sand and covered a coloring page. First we printed pages from Hello Kids. Then we used a paint brush to apply a thin layer of glue over areas where we wanted to sprinkle the colored salt. It really makes the pages POP! This is a good fine motor and sensory activity because of the texture of the salt


Jennifer said...

This looks like fun! I nominated you for a blog award BTW.

Calina said...

Thanks! I enjoy your blog, too!

We've been trying to do more arts & crafts because it's something we both enjoy doing. My house is a mess in return. Oh well, we're making memories! LOL!