Monday, August 11, 2008

Laughing Pizza!!!

I love the name!!! It's a new kids' music group made up of a family including, mom - Lisa, dad - Billy, and pre-teen daughter - Emily. Their songs are very fun and moving for children. They featured the Breakfast Jive on our PBS station this morning. My daughter called me in to see it. We checked out their website and watched more of the videos and listened to their songs. My daughter listened to the songs several times and was singing and dancing right along. The best part about their music is that it was totally appropriate for my 7 year old. Nothing to explain or be embarrased about!!

*Note to Moms, pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee before sitting down to view the videos. There's about a dozen songs to listen/watch. Also, you probably wouldn't want to view these anywhere near naptime!!! Visit Laughing Pizza today!!

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