Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Catalog Scrapbooking

I didn't think I'd ever get to participate in Kendra's Minimizing Monday because I am a packrat, but this is what I do with our extra magazines/catalogs.

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In an earlier post I confessed my addiction to STUFF. There must be a genetic predisposition to the addiction of stuff because my girls have it, too.

My youngest daughter loves to look at Parents, Family Fun magazine and oodles of catalogs we get like American Girl and My Twinn. She also has an obsession for cool school supplies, so she loves the Discount School Supply catalog. In fact, she loves these things so much that most copies are old, and dog-eared from "being loved so much," as I call it.

You see, when my daughter was little we thought she had autism. We were concerned about her lack of being able to read unverbal cues, like facial expressions and body language. We would sit down together and look at the magazines/catalogs and talk about the people in it. What they were doing? How do you think they feel? She loves to do this still, although she now has no problems with nonverbal cues.

I have tried to toss some of these magazines/catalogs in the past, but I just can't do it. These are all such prized possessions to her. She remembers the names of the people that have names by their photos. ALL OF THEM!!! So for now, I'll just move onto another pile!

I did convince her to part with some of her catalogs. We made it a fun activity! Shayla just loves all my crafty things. She loves to get out my rubber stampers and my scrapbook scissors.

Sooo...we cut out pictures of dolls and girls with the scrapbook scissors and glued them into what she calls her catalog scrapbook. Just like mom's. She came up with the name herself, isn't that cute!

What a fun and easy way to work on fine motor skills, like cutting and gluing for school!


Kendra at Hand Prints On The Wall said...

What a great idea! I'm glad you found your own way to participate! :) Thanks for sharing.

Kama said...

That is such a great idea for little kids! I have a ton of magazines and donate them to my brother who is a teacher (after I go through them for keepable pages). I used to teach and have my students make pages like this and label them (in Spanish because I taught MS Spanish). Good to remember for our future children (our first is due in 5 weeks).

Calina said...

Thanks for your great idea. My middle daughter is taking Spanish this year, so I thought I would teach my 7 year old some Spanish at home, as well. I never thought of incorporating that into Spanish vocabulary words.

And congrats on your baby to be born. Hopefully, you will be able to share much time and love doing the "little things."