Monday, August 11, 2008

Menu Plans for Back to School Week

Although it's not actually back-to-school until after Labor Day, my teen started cheer camp twice a week, last week. In addition to that, she has band camp every week day for the next two weeks. UGH!!! This is the part of high school band that I despise! But I enjoy listening to her learning musical instruments.

I guess I can't control the busyness that's changing our regular routine. It was bound to happen. Summer is only a short season. So here's my plans for a busy week:

rice cakes with nut butter and jelly, banana slices
baked potato with leftover chili soup topping, leftover mixed veggies, salad, toast wedges
fried potatoes & onions, green beans, salad, biscuits
snacks: homemade rice krispy treats with chocolate melted on top (using up some cheap cereal and CVS chocolate) & gf cookies for us

Daily total: $6.50 (approx)

pancakes & apple slices
leftovers from dinner
egg burritos (scrambled eggs in a tortilla shell topped with salsa or ranch dressing), french fries, salad, sliced garden veggies
snacks: popcorn & grapes

Daily total: $6.50 (approx)

Brown Sugar Oatmeal & Cream of Rice with cashews (gf)
leftovers from dinner
salisbury steaks, mashed potatoes, peas, salad, bread/biscuits
snacks: peaches, rice krispy treats

Daily total: $6.89 (approx)

eggs on toast/rice cakes
leftovers from dinner
hot dogs, (use leftover chili soup for chili dogs) onion rings, baby carrots/celery sticks, salad
snacks: Smores trail mix (again, using cheap golden graham cereal, mini marshmallows, 11cent bag of chocolate chips - thanks Meijers!)

Daily total: $5.75 (approx)

leftovers from dinner
chicken nuggets, french fries, baby carrots/celery sticks
snacks: ice cream/rice cream

Daily total: $4.33 (approx) *Note: Grandma is contributing the boneless skinless chicken breast for this, so I didn't add it in.

quick bread (fresh zucchini or fresh blackberry)
leftovers from dinner and/or can of soup/sandwich
spaghetti & meatballs, salad, bread/biscuits
snack: homemade popsicles, Smores snack mix

Daily total: $4.75 (approx)

Weekly total $34.72. Not a bad week at all!

*Please note: Several people in our home have severe food allergies, so I basically prepare two meals every meal. It takes more work, but it helps to keep our budget in check and those without the food allergies find our food to get tiring and bland. Although it is not recommended that you cook like this, I have never had a problem with cross-contamination.

I'm anxious to see what others have planned, because I'm running low on ideas today!! (Could be from getting up early and running teen to school so early in the morning!!)

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