Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Something Had to Go

My husband loves a clean home and so do I....but, I have new things to do...like

  • connecting with my children (really getting on their levels and being attentive and THERE - not thinking about everything that needs done and only half listening)
  • homeschooling
  • running my teen
  • canning, freezing and drying food and herbs
  • scrapbooking for homeschool portfolio and fun
  • Making time for relationships with family and friends
  • Making my our every dollar earned s-t-r-e-t-c-h farther, and then some with coupons, sales, cooking from scratch, and doing some online activities
  • Cooking from scratch to meet our family's allergy diet needs
  • And of course, blogging!

I feel sometimes like I'm just crossing things off the to-do list without even connecting to anyone. Many times I went through days and did nothing I even wanted to. Life is too short to not live! I've decided I can't do it all! So something obviously had to go. What I decided that something would be is: housecleaning.

Yes. Housecleaning.

Now, before you decide that is totally gross and disgusting, know that I still try to straighten up, vacuum and damp mop at least half the rooms in my house daily. My toilet will be clean, as well as my countertops, and hopefully laundry and dishes washed. But, there may be clean dishes and laundry not put away. There may be a pile of mail and accumulated stuff on the table or couch.

I'll get to it. I promise.


If you come to my house, please grab a cup of coffee and a cookie, move a pile, and make yourself at home.

If it bothers you too bad you could always put a blindfold on. I promise the stuff will not swallow you up!

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