Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Are CVS ECB Days Numbered?

Last week I seen where Iheartcvs.com and Iheartriteaid.com were featured on ABC news.

Imagine my surprise when I clicked on I heart CVS this week for the weekly ad, and the web site was no longer there!

I googled it, thinking it was just something quirky. Come to find out, CVS has filed a complaint against the site for copyright laws. Apparently, someone doesn't like the fact that you can print off CVS coupons from that site. They ordered all CVS related materials removed from the site.

Sure there are people who abuse the system. I read somewhere about a family buying $700 worth of merchandise from CVS and spending like $2 oop, using only CVS $$ off coupons. But for the most part, people are using the coupons in a legitimate way. I know personally, I would not shop CVS if it were not for the Extra Care Program and the $$ off coupons. Let's face it, CVS is not losing money when CVSers do their shopping. Have you ever read the fine print on a manufacturer coupon. The manufacturers pay the retailers the cost of the coupon and extra for the hassle. In my opinion, CVS should be welcoming CVSers with open arms! I'm sure with all the people that are trying it, CVS's stocks have to be doing well. Let's face it, you don't stay in business if you don't make money.

So, in light of this, what if anything are you going to do about this? Should we call CVS and/or boycott them or what?

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