Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cost of Poison Ivy

EEWW! GROSS! I know! Sorry for the graphic pics. As you can see, I am still recouperating from my recent bout with poison ivy. I guess you could say I am highly allergic! These are what's left of my hands, BTW.

Anyway, I've been thinking over the cost of my misfortune. Here's the breakdown:

2 bottles of Caladryl @ $6.00 = $12.00

1 bottle of DermaIvy @ $30.00 = $30.00 (My husband was trying everything in the drug store, bless his heart)

2 boxes of dye-free Benadryl @ $4.99 box = $9.98

Going to dr. because poison ivy on my neck started affecting my breathing = $20 copay.

2 prescriptions dr. wrote for poison ivy = $20 oop

Not to mention, it cost us two unplanned trips into town to get supplies/dr appt. It cost alot of mommy downtime. (And I didn't even enjoy it!) It cost my husband 2 weekends of having kids, cooking, doing mom chores, in addition to his own chores of mowing, getting firewood, etc. And just the pain for me.

Total cost: Over $100.00

A frugal thought: I think I'll be more careful about poison ivy. Maybe we'll turn poison ivy into a science lesson.

I am grateful that it's about gone. I'm grateful that we had the means to pay for good care, but I can't help but think about "working people" and their kids. If something as minor as this can set back a person's budget like this, what would happen if medical things like this caused time off from work?

*Just a small note: I think the thing that helped my poison ivy the best was what both of my daughter's boyfriends recommended, soaking it in chlorine water. I filled the dishpan with hot water and bleach and did some spring cleaning through all this.


Kendra at Hand Prints On The Wall said...

Oh my goodness, this looks like my rash! I'm highly allergic to poison ivy/oak too. A couple of years ago I decided I was going to tackle the vines growing in my trees out front before the kids got into them. I wore long pants and sleeves, and still broke out really badly. My hands and arm looked just like yours! I finally had to get steroid shots from the doc. I feel for ya!

Marcy said...

Ouch! I am on day 18 of my first ever case of poison ivy...and I thought I had it bad! I just started my second round of Prednisone today...I'm hoping that will do the trick. Hope that yours gets better soon!!