Sunday, April 13, 2008

Grocery Savings

It looks like a slow week at Kroger this week after the last two weeks. They were running a two week Mega Deal. Some of the products were the same both weeks, some were different. Basically, many items were $1.00, $1.50, $2.00, and $2.50. If you bought 10 of any of these products (they did not have to be 10 of the same, it was mix and match - 10 total) you got $5.00 off your total. You could do these 3 times in 1 transaction, for a savings of $15.00.

This was a good deal, but to sweeten it, there were many coupons in the past Sunday paper inserts and printables to put with them, either making many items free or causing an overage. See my sidebar for some of my favorite coupon printing sites.
I was also lucky enough to have some Kroger coupons to "stack" with my manufacturer coupons.

The first week of the mega event I got $118.07 worth of groceries for .... Drum roll please... $28.03! (I broke this into 2 transactions to get 4 mega event deals) The second week,(I can't find one receipt)I did about the same.

Is that awesome or what!?! Sure we have more boxes of hot pockets and tubes of Pillsbury biscuits than I can count, but it will be eaten. And, by planning our menu around sales and coupons we have actually brought down the food expense catagory in our budget! Even though we have an abundance!

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