Sunday, April 13, 2008

CVS Trip 4-11-08

Sorry I don't have any photos folks. I had to quickly put everything away because it was getting late in the day.

This was my purchases last week:

2 sunsilk leave in conditioners priced at $3.49 each
less 2 manufacturer coupons 1@-1.50 1@-2.00
3 sunsilk shampoos priced at $3.49
less manufacturer coupons 3@-1.50

The deal was buy $15 worth sunsilk and get $5 ecb's. Before coupons, my total
was $17.45, but using coupons I was able to get these for $9.45 and get $5 ecb to use on another purchase.

1 Febreeze noticible kit $6.99
1 Febreeze candle $6.99
1 can febreeze spray 2.50
Less manufacturer coupons: Buy 1 noticible get a can of spray free -2.50

The deal was spend $10 on febreeze products, get $5.00. I actually spent $13.98 and got $5.00 ecb

1 Gillette Fusion Phenom power razor $9.99
Less manufacturer coupon - 2.00
Buy 1 get $3.00 ecb

Spend $20 in covergirl cosmetics Get $10 ecb

2 covergirl tru blend foundations @ 6.99 each
Less manufacturer coupon: Buy 1 get 1 free -6.99

Covergirl lip color, buy 1 get $3 ecb

1 @ 7.49

*Here's where I made a mistake. I thought that this would be a double ecb offer. I thought it would apply also to the spend $20, but it didn't, so I came back in and bought another transaction.

I also purchased a 12 pk of mt dew for my loving husband, who is very supportive of my CVSing. LOL! $2.99

The total was $68.38
Less manufacturer coupons -22.49
Less CVS ECB's -43.96

Total paid out of pocket $3.02

I earned an additional $16.00 in ecb's and another $10.00 in ecb's for completing a CVS online survey. Total ecb's to use another time: $26.00

So, after getting to the car and checking the bottom of my receipt, I noticed that I did not get the $10 ecb for covergirl. So back in for transaction #2.

I purchased 1 covergirl tru blend powder at $6.99. Used a $5 ecb. Spent $2.12 oop and got back a $10 ecb.

So, in total I have $31 in ecb's to start out with the next trip! See how simple it is!

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