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Homeschool Highlights - Week of February 13, 2011


More rest from life is needed.  Shayla had been without a fever and symptoms for three days without using a fever reducer, until yesterday, when her fever was back up to nearly 102.  I gave fever reducer, and the fever has stayed gone.  I think we'll just take it easy a little longer. 

Shayla is getting tired of staying in bed and watching tv, so we did a few things. 

Bible:  God Created the Little Children. 

Genesis 1:27; 2:7 Isaiah 45:12

Read story:  Never Too Busy.  (reading)

Sang and Signed:  Jesus Loves the Little Children. (music, foreign language)

Small Kids or Big Kids:  I called out something, such as, "crawling."  Shayla answered appropriately with who would do these things.  Small kids or big kids.

Dress up:  Dress up like an adult or an older child.  *When we were beginning to do this activity the phone rang.  Shayla took it upon herself to go to her dress up box and find something.  I think she did pretty awesome!  She's dressed like a teenage, cheerleader - complete with cell phone attached to her ear!

How Big?:  Measured Shayla and talked about how big she is getting.  She measured in at 4' 5"!  Wow, she's growing up fast!  Discussed measurements, compared bigger and smaller things.

Big Hands, Little Hands:  Took turns tracing our hands.  Shayla enjoyed tracing mine!  We cut them out and made this paper craft. 

Read Aloud:  Ramona the Pest and various other books from the shelves.  The purpose behind reading the various books are to decide which are favorites because some's gotta go!  I may post a picture later, but right now I'm too embarrassed by how out-of-control the book situation has become.

Read Aloud:  Listened to A Sunday Surprise (a book on cassette).  This was the Christopher the Churchmouse lesson on behaving in church.


Bible:  The Woman at the Well:  The Woman Invites Others.  John 4:28-29

Devotions: No Longer Outcasts.  Mark 1:40-42
Reading:  Strong and True:  Little Sunshine, The Raven and the Robin, Ring and the Bone
Read Aloud:  Finished Ramona the Pest
Language/phonics:  Lesson 91.  Done in record fast time! 
Math:  Lesson 100.  Amazing how much she forgot from being off regular schoolwork last week.  At this point, I am going to slow down the lessons and focus on memorizing the simple addition facts through games and worksheets.
Spelling:  List 15.  Completed workbook section 2.  Typed words on Spelling City and played various games.

Read Aloud/Social Studies:  Read Valentine's Day themed books. 

Science/Read Aloud:  Read Shayla's library books pick, All About Dogs and Puppies


Bible:  Jesus Preaches a Sermon.  Luke 6:20-28

Devotions:  Expect an Answer.  Acts 12:5-17

Reading:  Strong and True (1:9):  Why the Deer Has Antlers, Two Honest Men, The Selfish Dog in the Manger

Read Aloud/Health:  Books about how the body works to fight against colds and germs.

Science:  Magnets.

  • Read:  Discovering God's World pg 43, My Magnet, Mickey's Magnet, and the The Magic School Bus:  Amazing Magnetism
  • Workbook pgs 438-439. 
  • Played ABSeas magnetic fishing game to demonstrate magnets and for fun! 
  • Hypothesis:  Demonstrate that a magnet appears to "stick" to certain items.  Go on a household scavenger hunt and find things you think may stick.  Then touch magnet to each item to determine the accuracy of prediction. 
  • Discuss properties of magnetic items.
  • Explore several shapes of magnets (bar, horseshoe, disc and rectangles). 
  • Demonstrate the two poles of magnets. 
  • Teach like poles repel and opposite poles attract through experimentation.
Simple addition flashcards, addition/subtraction, story problem/fact family paper games.  Two worksheets.

Art:  Made a macaroni art page.  She was given directions to make a picture by gluing different shaped macaroni on paper.  She chose to glue them on randomly, instead of trying to make a picture, but it turned out nice.
Science/Scouts at Home:  We started working some time ago on the Space Explorer badge.  I had the materials out to finish it and ran into other projects, so I hope to get back on track with this.

Social Studies:  Countries and Cultures:  Central America: Guatemala

Read several library books about Guatemala

Wednesday:Specials day

Dance lessons

Reading:  Stong & True:  The Way to be Happy, Lee and the Bird, Eyvind's Goat

Math:  Dice and Addition War Card Game


Bible:  Jesus Heals a Little Girl:  The Little Girl Dies.  Luke 8:41, 42, 49

Devotions:  Winning For Us.  1 Samuel 17:8-11, 48-50

Reading:  Strong and True:  The Raindrops, The First Thanksgiving, More About Pilgrims

Read Aloud:  The Littlest Angel

Math:  Dice and addition war card game.

Writing:  Psalm 91:11.  For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.


Bible:  Jesus Heals a Little Girl:  Jesus Performs a Miracle.  Luke 8:50-56

Devotions:  Steal Away to Jesus.  Luke 4:14-21

Reading:  Strong and True:  The Milkmaid, The Frog and the Ox, The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Read Aloud:  Favorite Nursery Rhymes

Math:  Simple addition practice worksheets, flashcards

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