Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Rite Aid Trip - July 6, 2010

It's been a long time since I've posted my deals and steals, but this week was too good not to post.  I don't post to brag, but I've had many people ask me to explain how I do these trips, so I'll do my best. :)  I assure you, it's really not that hard.  Time consuming, sometimes, but easy work!

Transaction 1:
1 Finesse Conditioner $2.99
1 Dawn dish soap .99
1 value pack Glide dental floss 5.99
2 kotex tampons 2/$11
1 Gillette Fusion shave gel $2.99
2 pantene conditioners 2/$7
1 listerine 3.99
1 Crest enamel shield 2.49
1 Legatrin PM 6.99
1 No Doz $5.99
1 Allergy Buster $9.99
1 Complete contact solution (BOGO pack) $7.99
1 Renu Sensitive contact solution $7.29 (BOGO packs are included in this weeks SCR.  Be sure to double check the UPC's though)

The total came up to $80.99



-10% off Wellness one time shopping pass
-$5/25 Wellness Video Value coupon
-$1/$10 oral care purchase (toothpaste, mouthwash & floss)
-$1 finesse mc
-.25 dawn mc
-.75 glide mc
-$1.00 kotex mc (sent from Kroger, but could use because it was a manufacturer coupon with UPC)
-$1.00 Gillette mc
-$5.00 off pantene in 2 pantene coupons - 1 was $2 off 1 the other was $3 off 1.  These coupons were entirely in Spanish, but my daughter translated them and it was off one product instead of the English version that is off 2 products!
-$1.00 listerine mc
-$.75 crest toothpaste
-$1.00 no-doz mc
-$2.00 complete contact solution mc
-$4.00 Renu sensitive mc - This came in a free sample I received
-$2.00 Renu contact solution video value coupon

Total OOP $46.38

-Received $9 in UP rewards on crest toothpaste, pantene, kotex, complete lens and listerine

-Will receive $38.28 SCR for Renu, No-doz, Allergy Buster, Legatrin PM, Glide dental floss, kotex, and gillette fusion, and finesse.

-$3.00 Mail in Rebate from Finesse

Transaction 2:

Deal:  Buy $25 of select P&G products, get $5 UP reward

1 Pampers $8.99
1 Pampers Easy Ups $8.99
1 24 Double roll Charmain tp $12.99

Total $30.97

Used $5/20 July Video values coupon
-$2.00 pampers mc (from toys r us mailer)
-$3.00 easy ups mc (from toys r us mailer)
-$1.00 charmain mc (from direct mailer)
-$9.00 UP rewards from transaction 1.

Total oop $12.44

-$2.00 SCR on Pampers
-$5.00 UP reward on next purchase

Total spent after SCR's and MIR $15.54 for all this stuff!  That's not incuding the $5 in UP rewards I have to use on the next trip.  Woo-hoo!  And the total gave me enough for my next 10% shopping pass. 

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