Monday, July 5, 2010

Homeschool Highlights - Week of June 27, 2010


We are not doing as much "school" this week because I have finally gotten motivated and started our spring cleaning.  Yeah, better late than never! 

Today we are focusing on the master bedroom.  And by the fullness of the trashcan and the color of the water, it was needing it!  We are wiping walls, moving furniture, and decluttering like crazy!

Reading:  For breaktimes, Shayla finished reading the last four books to complete the summer reading program for our library.  She will get the final prize AND an invitation to the end of the year pool party.  That's quite a motivator for kids to read!


Water Works Program.  This week's topic:  Oceans. 

  • The kids watched an IMAX ocean DVD. 
  • They played Ocean Bingo.
  • They also made Wave Bottles by mixing water oil, and food color in a water bottle.
Miss Andee is helping Shayla pour the ingredients.  (Shayla was hesitant to do this activity, but was not given a choice in the matter).


Spent the day waiting on our satellite repairman to come.  Both of our satellites have been out since the violent storms we had several weeks ago.  We have not had much time to miss tv.

Spent the day reading books aloud.  Shayla is now reading books to earn a free book from Barnes and Noble. 

Finished up our study on butterflies.


Seen magician, Jason Abbott at our library summer reading program.  If he is ever at your library, I encourage you to go, his show was very entertaining to children and adults.

*Note:  Shayla sat on the floor with Christy (her former girl scout leader) and Bridget (a girl in her 4-H club).  Yay!

Christy was chosen to help Mr. Abbott perform his straight jacket routine. 


Attended the Hot Air Balloon Festival at a nearby town.  I love seeing those bright colored balloons in the sky.  Shayla got another t-shirt to add to her collection.

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