Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Homeschool Highlights - Week of June 6, 2010


  • Played Dora Memory and Uno games.  She is a card shark when it comes to Uno.  Shayla has beaten many family and friends playing this game.  Fair and square!
  • Finished up work on Watching Wildlife brownie try-it.
Daily:  Abeka math, reading, phonics, and spelling lessons.  Presidents challenge for phys ed (1 hour daily), library summer reading program reading.


Reading:  Read aloud a pile of books.  Shayla also read to me for another summer reading prize.

Bible:  Memory verse:  Acquaint now thyself with him, and be at peace:  thereby good shall come unto thee.  Job 22:21

We learned about the swan.  Later in the week we will go to observe them and feed them.

We read The Ugly Duckling

and made this paper plate swan.

Activities:  Painted abstract paintings with watercolors we made. (art)

Played a color game.  While she is probably too old for this, since she has known her colors for many years, it was still fun to do.  We adapted it to make it more challenging. :)

Take a dice (or die) and tape 6 different pieces of colored paper to the sides.  Take turns rolling the die.  Whatever color comes up, point or name something that is that color.  The older the child, the more challenging you can make it.  Give them just several seconds to come up with an answer.  Use this as a foreign language game, sign or say the color and object in the foreign language. 

Solved some new puzzles that we bought at a yard sale this weekend.

Tuesday & Wednesday:  Just the basics.

Thursday:   Shayla earned her Water Everywhere Brownie Try-it.  The weather has been perfect for earning this badge!  (Science)

Morgan has been enjoying the teen programs at our library.  Is it the fun and educational programs or the boys?  While waiting on her, we visited a playground.  (phys ed)

As you can see, Shayla liked the slides!  She was up, down and all around that place!
Friday:  After dance lessons, we observed and discussed local monuments as part of the Wave the Flag try-it activities.  (social studies)
Then we had some more art fun with tie-dying more t-shirts.  This time Shayla was an old pro at it.  (art)
Saturday:  Nature Detectives program at our local state park.  This weeks theme was Dry Bones, Skeletons, and Exo-skeletons.  We had a private lesson this week, I guess folks are afraid of the rain! (science)
After the lesson, it's always fun to go into the Nature Center and help feed the animals!

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