Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Homeschool Highlights - week of May 9, 2010

Days 170 - 174

Literature Based Unit Studies:  Good Work, Amelia Bedelia!  by Peggy Parrish

I love the Amelia Bedelia series!  Amelia Bedelia often misunderstands directions because she takes the meanings literally. 

In one book, Mr. Rogers asks her to bring him an egg and toast.  She promptly returns with a raw egg and toast.  Mr. Rogers asks why the egg is raw.  Amelia Bedelia says, "You didn't say a cooked egg."

The funny or not-so-funny thing is, Shayla is much like Amelia Bedelia.  She takes everything literally.  The slightest pun or play on words must be explained.  She is very intelligent, but seems to lack common sense. 

Needless to say, Shayla did not enjoy these books as much as I did.  After I realized that she didn't understand why Amelia Bedelia did the things she did, I tried explaining the joke to her.  She enjoyed it a little more after that step.

*Update:  She enjoyed these more than I thought.  She explained the stories to her dad and laughed and carried on.  She said she loved them. 

I went through her bookshelves and found some more to read :)
Reading:  I read a pile of books to Shayla as she worked INDEPENDENTLY on her paper packet.

We got a whole pile of Hopscotch magazines from the library discard pile.  Hopscotch is full of articles and fun activities for young girls.  We are reading through one about cooking.  So today we made Doggie Delights Dog Treats. 

Since they were for her puppies, Shayla had a sudden interest in cooking.  She helped measure and pour ingredients.  We talked about fractions (half and whole).  She helped stir the dough, roll it out and cut out the shapes.  (math, fine motor, home ec/life skills)

Art:  I traced a simple tree shape from a cereal box.  Then I cut it out and punched holes around it.  Shayla decorated the tree how she chose, then used a piece of ribbon to lace around it.  She enjoyed it so much that we got out her sewing toys. 

We then went outside and took tree bark rubbings.  (science)

Finally, we worked on the presidential challenge.  That is an hour a day commitment!  Shayla loves this!

Handwriting:  Working on writing, signing and memorizing Badge 6.

Bible Lesson:  Likeable Ladybugs.  Want more links for ladybug fun?

We read these ladybug books while waiting on the paint to dry for our craft.
We made this ladybug craft.

(Bible, character, social skills, art, fine motor, science, reading)

Scouts at Home:  Completed the  Ready, Set, Camping (formerly known as Outdoor Happenings) badge.

Social Skills/Science:  Shayla started Cloverbuds this week.  It's 4-H for younger kids. 

Her instructor was a girl my oldest daughter went to school with.  She is now married with two children.  My how time flies  It made me feel OLD! 

Shayla felt comfortable at the meeting and with Katelyn.  So things went well.  Of course, there were no other Cloverbuds present that evening. 

Anyway, Shayla learned about plants, flowers, in particular.  She got to plant her own marigold in a pot.  She actually did this herself.

Phys Ed:  Shayla started ballet lessons this week.  I never thought Shayla would have the opportunity to be in dance.  She has my co-ordination.  I found a wonderful lady and her daughter that teach at a local church to homeschool students for free!  The first week, we observed.  She asked my thoughts, I said the program and the girls are wonderful, but I explained Shayla's low muscle tone and other special needs and told her she would never be able to catch up to the other girls (they have been practicing since January).  She made time for a private lesson for Shayla.  She also has a masters in education and experience with special needs.  Shayla tried pulling her usual stuff, but Kathie wouldn't have it.  It wasn't "Do you want to do this, Shayla?"  She said, "We are going to do it like this, Shayla."  And it worked!

Shayla also loves this!  She loves dressing like a ballerina.  She did some of the dances (better after I left the room.)

Yay!  We have several new interests!  She seemed to blossom this week!

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