Monday, May 24, 2010

Homeschool Highlights - week of May 16, 2010

Days 175 - 180

Reading:  We are still working on the Abeka reading, phonics, and spelling program, but to encourage more reading, we started reading books to earn a free t-shirt from HE Buddy

To earn a free t-shirt, the child must read 10 books.  The first book Shayla is working on is Amelia Bedelia and the Baby. 

Math:  Still working on it, although neither of us cared to do it today.  It took her 20 minutes to complete the drill.  It amazes me that for drills and facts she NEEDS to have manipulatives to count - just can't seem to memorize the facts, but she does seem to "do the math in her head" when I ask her a "storybook" type problem. 

Phys Ed:  Shayla clearly needed to get the wiggles out today, but there was no way we were going outside.  It rained and was cold and damp.  A perfect day for staying inside and reading, but we made a commitment to do the President's Challenge fitness program, so we:
  • jumped on the mini trampoline
  • practiced the 5 positions of ballet
  • ran, skipped, crawled and hopped (alternating feet) through the house
  • push ups, sit-ups, and jumping jacks
  • played ring toss
  • played various ball games - catch, games she came up with, shooting the balls into the basket, etc
We were going to bring out the wii sports game, but easily came up with an hour of stuff to get her moving!  Maybe tomorrow. 

The biggest benefit of taking the time to do these things?  It got rid of her grumpies for the rest of the day! 

Bible craft/Art:  We were kind of late making this basket of flowers.  It was supposed to be a Mother's Day craft, but at least we got it in the right month.  Right? 

We read Proverbs 31 aloud and talked about characteristics of a good wife and mother. 

Handwriting:  Working on Badge 6.  Writing Isaiah 54:17

Activities/Art:  Used rubber stamp rollers to make placemats. 

Phys Ed:  Jumped on the trampoline and played basketball for President's Challenge.

Field Trip:  We went to the library and picked out many resources about ballet and some others for fun.


Reading:  Read aloud library books.

Phys Ed:  Jumped on the trampoline and shot baskets.  We practiced counting by 2's while scoring baskets.  (math)

Math:  Shayla completed her lesson in record time today.  She is also working more independently.  Yay! 

Learning Games:  Since we still had some schooltime left in our day, we played memory and Bibleland board games.

Reading:  We started by reading books for our next literature based unit study, Little Rabbit's Loose Tooth by Lucy Bate.


Happy Birthday, Shayla!  It's hard to believe my baby is 9 today! 

Social skills:  Visited with our friend, who happened to be Shayla's previous preschool teacher.  It was good to see her, again.

Science/social skills/phys ed/art:  Wee Discover outdoor school program at the park.  The theme this week was fish.


Phys Ed:  Ballet lessons.  Shayla is really improving in her stretches and co-ordination from just one week of dance!  She loves to show us the stretches, plies, and positions of ballet.  She loves the music that Miss Kathie and Becca gave her to take home and practice with.  Although the rest of us are beginning to hum it in our sleep. . .

Reading: We spent the afternoon reading aloud a pile of ballet themed books from the library. 

I'm glad we are finally focusing in on something that interests her!

Art:  Grandma came up with a really cool birthday present for Shayla.  A tie-dye kit. 

She loved it!  And I was able to incorporate it into schoolwork!

One of the finished t-shirts!
Field Trip:  After our daily activities were finished, we went to our local used homeschool curriculum sale. 


Read books, phys ed, field trip to an outdoor drama (put on by another church group).  It was awesome!

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