Saturday, January 16, 2010

U is for Uriah

Looking over the curriculum, I didn't think there would be much to letter u.  How wrong I was!  Although, we didn't find any printables or songs, we found many things to do.

Memory verse:  But the thing David had done displeased the Lord.  2 Samuel 11:27

Bible:  Of course we read the story of David and Bathsheba in from 2 Samuel 11.  I must admit that I edited it a little bit.  Hey my kid obsesses over things and has anxiety. 

That's a good question for me to ask others, how do you approach subjects in the Bible that are not age appropriate?

We read a Veggie Tale book and watched the video of King George and the Ducky.  The character trait addressed is selfishness.

U is for underwater.  We read The Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor.  I am always amazed that Shayla has always loved these books.  She asks wonderful questions about the text and pictures.  Maybe it's because I sound pretty darn close to Ms. Frizzle's voice when I read her part.  (reading)

Anyway, we named many of God's creatures that live underwater.  (science) 

Then we made a crayon resist project.  Shayla completely covered a piece of white paper with colors using crayons.  Then she painted overtop of the crayon with a mixture of tempera paint and water.  After drying, she decorated the picture with foam sea creature stickers. (art)

U is for Unequal.  First we discussed how many things in life are unequal, or unfair.  We read Daniel 1:19 The King found none equal to Daniel.  I didn't even ask Shayla to come up with some things that were unequal or unfair, but she came up with a list of personal injustices!  LOL!

After listening to her cry out about the injustices, she counted out 20 counters.  You could use candies or something else.  We counted out one at a time, she had a row and I had a row.  I asked after adding each one, is it equal or unequal.  I explained that counting by 2's are equals.  I also included simple addition and subtraction problems since she was showing off her talents to her dad and sister (who were home for a snow day!) (math)

Shameless I know, but it works!

U is for Universe.  We read the story of creation in Genesis 1. 

We read The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System, There's No Place Like Space:  All About our Solar System (A Cat in the Hat's Learning Library), and God Made Outer Space. (reading, science)

We then made a paper model of the universe.  We took two pieces of black construction paper.  Shayla drew a sun with chalk.  Then we used dot stickers and colored and cut out paper planets to glue on.  She wrote the names of the planets on label stickers. (science, writing, art)

U is for Uniforms.  We discussed different types of uniforms that people wear for certain jobs. We would have actually played dress up, but we did an in depth study for her Careers badgework. 

Shayla played a uniform matching game on her JumpStart Preschool computer game and solved this cute puzzle, with little girls playing dress up on it.

Well that's what we got into for letter Uu.  Do you have any other ideas?  Please share.

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