Friday, January 8, 2010

Homeschool Highlights - Week of January 4, 2010

Days 79 - 83 

What a week!  After DH worked mandatory overtime during the holidays, this week he surprised us by taking some vacation time. 

Needless to say, it was not easy getting ANYTHING done.  It was slow going, but we managed.  (And we had lots of fun, too!)

Reading:  She finished Book 4 - Series 3 Thick Slush.  She also started Book 5 Bad Luck.  After finishing her reader, she played on Starfall.  She is learned about famous artist, Georges Seurat

Handwriting:  Shayla wrote a thank you  letter to Elaine, the assistant at our chiropractor's office.  These two seem to share a common bond.  Shayla has never spoken to Elaine, but Shayla loves Elaine, and the feeling must be mutual.  Elaine made and gave Shayla a beautiful teddy bear tie blanket for Christmas.  She even stitched her name on it.  I am planning on making a video of Shayla saying something to Elaine and giving it to her.

Exercises:  Unfortunately, we did not continue with the Brain Balancing Exercises over Christmas break.  I had planned on continuing those daily, but well, life happened. 

We started them again, although they have changed some.  Instead of jumping on the trampoline, which is covered with about a foot of snow, we are doing plenty of sledding. 

How is this schoolwork?

Well, my child NEEDS fresh air and physical exercise.  Running up a hill, dragging a sled behind (for hours at a time) has to be good exercise. 

*Note to self:  Although Shayla is not actually diagnosed with autism, I know she has many characteristics, so I try to learn as much as possible about this condition.  One thing that I have come across many times is the digestive disturbances that many autistics have.  Leaky gut, candida, low vitamin and mineral levels, abnormal heavy metal findings and low enzymes, as well as, ADD/ADHD and learning differences are just some of the things many spectrum children suffer with.

We follow a strict GF/CF diet and avoid other food allergens. She improved tremendously on the diet.  She also improved when she was put on a prescription antifungal for candida, but I still feel she hasn't reached her full potential.  So, I continue to read, learn and try many therapies to help her reach her full potential.

 I started enzyme therapy this week.  She gets sprinkles of her digestive enzyme with every meal and snack.  Since starting this she has had "The Happy Child Effect."  Who would believe the turn around!!! :)   Since starting enzyme therapy this week, we have noticed an increase in her communication skills - both verbal and non-verbal.  She almost spoke at King's Kids.  She made verbal sounds in stores.  And her give and take conversation has improved.

Shayla's whole demeanor is that of a happy child, now.  She also has been having a better relationship with her sister, not constantly fighting and screaming at her.  And the best improvement is she is wanting and giving more affection.  She is more open to being hugged and even asks for hugs, kisses and attention from everyone in the family - even her sister!

I am reading a book called Enzymes for Autism (it also covers many other auto-immune disorders).  For more information about enzyme therapy, visit Enzyme Stuff.  I hope to post more about this at a later time. 

Unit Study:  U is for Uriah.  We did a fun, Bible themed unit study.  I usually move through these fairly quickly, but this week, we were easing back into school.  I also found many resources to use.  She has a few more things to finish up before it's complete. 

So, how did everyone else do this week?  Were you ready to jump back into it, or did you start school again dragging your feet all the way?


Cheryl@SomewhatCrunchy said...

Isn't the "whole body" wellness connection amazing?? It sounds like you have some really great ideas going and you will definitely see the fruits of your labor!

Chef Penny said...

What a great week! We don't get anything done when Dad is home either! lol My son also improved tremendously when we finally conquered yeast. It is amazing how the whole body connection works!