Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Bible in 90 Days

With the new year, many bloggers and others are jumping on the new read the Bible in 90 Days bandwagon.  Our own church is promoting this concept.  Apparently, you can read the entire Bible from cover to cover in just 90 days.  It takes about an hour commitment EVERYDAY. 

That's awesome!  I encourage everyone to read God's instruction manual for life.  Personally, I have read and studied the Word from cover to cover several times.  Three to be exact.  Do I claim to have all the answers?  Absolutely NOT.  Everytime I read the Bible, I get something new out of it. 

BUT... I have several arguements against this concept.

  • Let's be realistic here.  An hour a day?  Who has an extra hour of uninterrupted, downtime a day?  Not me!  I don't know if anyone with children has an hour a day!  What happens when life's unexpected happens, like I don't know, you're up all night with a sick kid or something.  You just don't seem to get your reading done.  Well, then what are you going to do?  Read for two hours the next day?  Not!  I believe this system is setting people up for failure.  When they get behind (which is almost inevitable in three months time), chances are they are going to get discouraged and give up.
  • If you do find the time to devote an hour of time a day to reading the Bible, how much of it that you are reading are you actually retaining?  I read somewhere that the average adult attention span is around 20 minutes.  How long before you are just reading the words and not getting it.  Your mind begins to wander to the grocery list, what needs done, etc. etc.
  • Once again, I think this concept is another attempt of man trying to put God in a box.  If you are too busy trying to reach a goal of reading the Bible one hour a day and staying on track, is your relationship with the Lord suffering?  I mean how will you find the time to um, pray, memorize scripture, and go where the Lord leads?   
What do you think of this new program?  Have you tried it?  Where you successful or not? 

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Forest Parks said...

I'm not a Christian or any religion as such... I stand undecided but.... That does not mean that I do not think the bible is valuable.

EVERYONE should read the bible cover to cover as well as some of the other religious texts. I have read about half the bible, very slowly, and am reading the Koran right now... Both very good manuals for beahvior (of course both contain things I don't believe are right) but as a whole they are excellent.

Like I said I am undecided so I never rule out anyone's beliefs.