Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Puppets, Dolls and Plays Brownie Badge

Shayla completed the requirements for this badge.  It is the 25th badge she has earned!

Finger Puppets

We made two different types of finger puppets.  In the first one, we just added yarn, googly eyes, and scraps of fabric to an unmatched glove. 

The second finger puppet was a felt nativity set I bought at Hobby Lobby last year.

Yarn Doll
Shayla really enjoyed making her yarn doll, Savannah.  (Yes, EVERYTHING in our house has a name!!)

Paper-Bag Puppet
Shayla made an owl paper bag puppet at King's Kids.

A Puppet Stage
We have had the puppet stage out several times lately.  No pictures though.

We made this simple marionette bear out of a cardboard box.  I just drew a simple teddy bear shape.  Shayla colored it, added googly eyes and string.  For the controller I used a rubber band to criss cross two pencils.  Poke the string through holes on each limb and tie to the pencils. 

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