Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Homeschool Highlights - Week of December 5, 2009

Days 61-67

Saturday:  We went to see the Nutcracker Ballet.  I have always wanted to see this, but was not willing to pay the price and fight the crowds. Shayla has always loved the wooden nutcrackers in the stores (and the one she got as a Christmas gift several years ago.)  Although she wasn't excited about going, she loved it!

 When I saw that a local ballet company was putting on the ballet, I added it to our List of Things to Do Before Christmas List and crossed it off my Bucket List.

We had a great time.  The children put on a wonderful ballet.  The only thing that went wrong was somehow our seats were sold twice.  Our family was sitting there waiting on the ballet to begin when the lady seating people came to our row.  We got up to allow this family of four to fit into the two seats on the side of us.  Yeah, did you do the math?  Somehow they had bought two of the seats that we already had tickets for!  Everything turned out ok.  The lady took our tickets and verified them, we remained where we were because we were there first, and the other family got seats elsewhere. 

Sunday:  No children's church for us today!  Shayla has been fighting a cold since Friday.  She seemed better yesterday, but it seems to be moving into her chest now.  It has made the little princess definately less charming!


Reading:  Finished Car Sparks.  Book 1 of Series 3. 

As a reward for finishing a book, I let her played at Starfall.

Exercises:  Despite the fact that we are both fighting colds, we headed outside for about a 10 minute breath of fresh air.  We did not play as hard as usual though.

Math:  Fact Families.  As I taught this I got that deer in the headlights look again.  I brought out the three cornered flashcards and demonstrated the fact families on the white board as we went over the flashcard.  After three or four, I called it quits.  Maybe it'll sink in later.

Scouts at Home:  Puppets Badge.  We worked on the glove finger puppet.

King's Kids:  I took Shayla to this because she was so worried that she would be sick and not be able to attend.  By this time it was apparent that she was healthy, it was I that should not have attended.  Even though my little princess isn't fond of sharing, she shared her cold. 

Tuesday:  It was a struggle, but we had a full day of school.  I don't remember anything we did!

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday:  School with Dad!  Yes, that cold that Shayla got over overnight?  It's a nasty little bug.  If having the cold wasn't bad enough, I sneezed so hard that my back went out of place.  So much so, that I could barely walk Friday and Saturday.  UGH!

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