Friday, December 4, 2009

Letter T Bible Lesson

Reading:  We read and watched the story of the apostle known as, Doubting Thomas.  I was unable to find any internet resources to use, so we just used what we had.

T is for Tree.  I have a confession here, I was not a Wilderness Gal from the beginning like Shayla is.  My husband has taught her to identify trees by the leaves and bark.  I can tell a pine from a maple or oak, that's about it.  Anyway, if it had not been deer hunting season this week, we probably would have went on a hike and Shayla could have identified the trees for me.  LOL! 

Last week we learned the ASL sign for tree from a Signing Time DVD.  I am so pleased to see her retaining and applying that knowledge!

We read A Tree is Nice by Janice Udry. 

Then we made our own trees.  She painted a trunk and we added tissue paper leaves.

T is for Time. 
First, Shayla solved this clock puzzle.  The pictures of the mice on it are good conversation starters about what time to do things.

We used our plastic Judy clock and Hap Palmer's Paper Clock song to have fun with this song.  If you don't have these resources, make a paper clock with a paper plate and brad.  (music, math)

Lastly, using the Judy clock or a paper one.  We took 2 dice and rolled them.  Shayla added the numbers together (ie 2 + 5 = 7 o' clock).  She would then move the hands accordingly.  (math)

T is for Taste.  We read Tastes Good.  We did a more thorough study on all the senses earlier, so we didn't do much here.  (science)

T is for Truth.  We read a book called Tell the Truth, Tyler by Jodee McConnaughhay.  I really liked this book because it addressed flat out lies, but also half-lies and how not speaking up can also be a lie.  (character)

T is for Trying.  We read Keep Trying, Travis!  by Jodee McConnaughhay.  Again, I liked this book because it addresses that it's not ok to give up and say "I can't" in a Biblical way (around Phil. 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me).  This verse should be painted on the wall of every room in our home as a reminder. 

T is for Trust.  We read The Value of Truth and Trust:  The Story of Cochise.  Cochise was a great  Apache Indian leader.  He was respected because he always told the truth.  He was able to make peace between the settlers and Indians.  (character, social studies)

*Another reason I love homeschooling.  I think I learn just as much as my children!  LOL!  Even 2nd grade phonics! 

T is for Trains.  This was just fun stuff!  We read several books about trains.  The Little Engine That Could, some Thomas books.

Then Shayla solved several train puzzles and got out her wooden train set. 

She also watched a Thomas the Tank Engine movie from the library.  Needless to say, it was an extended school day, but for some reason I didn't hear any complaints!  LOL!  BTW, Dad also joined in the homeschooling fun!

T is for Toe Touches.  We added these to our daily brain balancing exercises.

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