Sunday, November 8, 2009

30-Day Giving Challenge Days 4-7

Day 4:

Looking for ideas to give to? I read our church bulletin and got plenty of ideas. There are ministry projects out there galore.

One ministry our church does is provide peanut butter to residents of Haiti. The ladies ministry collects the jars of peanut butter almost all year round and sends them to Florida several times a year, where they are then forwarded to Haiti. I have been told that the shipping schedule and costs are the most efficient possible and that is important to me when giving to a charity.

Our denomination operates a missions school down there and many of our members have went there to work and teach. They have brought back many pictures of the people and living conditions of Haiti, I think most all the people of Haiti are truly poor people. They may only get one daily meal of peanut butter and a slice of bread.

Another reason the people of Haiti are near and dear to our hearts is because almost a decade ago, my husband used to take martial arts classes from a gentleman from Haiti. As he described the terrible living conditions his family lived in and most still does live in, it was heartbreaking to say the least. He was a wonderful Christian man whose goal in life was to live simply here in America with his wife and children and provide for his extended family still in Haiti. He told of how he gave money to his mother so she could live out her days.

*Update:  My husband always says that God will pay you back if you give with a good heart.  After donating 3 jars of peanut butter, I was able to snag 4 nearly free jars by stacking coupons at Meijers and Krogers this week.

Day 5:  Expired Coupons

I wrote before how you can help out military families by mailing expired coupons.  Commissaries will take manufacturers coupons for up to six months after the expiration date. 

The link I used before no longer worked, so I googled this one.  It explains everything you need to do to send coupons.  She updates the list monthly because not all military bases take them.

This is another low cost way of giving.  The shipping cost is the only expense.  Since it is going to a US military base, US postage rates are used.  You do have to personally take it to the post office to declare it $0 for customs. 

Day 6:  Kroger Community Rewards

If you shop Kroger you can give a portion to your favorite non-profit everytime you shop.  It's easy.  Go to the Kroger website and register.  Search for a favorite charity, or encourage one to sign up.  Then sign your card up. 

Giving has never been easier!

Day 7:  Nature Center

We have a local nature center at our state park that we frequent often.  Our family has enjoyed numerous programs offered for free at the nature center.

Yesterday, Shayla was honored at the Snowflake breakfast for volunteering at the nature center and earning the Junior Naturalist award.

Afterward, she and dad helped out at the nature center by making bird houses. 

We like to donate our time in helping to care for the animals at the nature center.  Occasionally, we also donate fresh veggies to the many fish, turtles, snakes, mice and rabbit that are housed at the center.  And we also donate a few dollars toward the feed and bedding. 

What are you doing to participate in the 30 days of giving? 

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