Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Expired Coupons

Want to help out military families, but really don't have much extra cash? Here's a way to do something with all your expired manufacturer coupons, besides throw them into the landfill, or paper recycling. You can make a difference in someone's life, without it costing alot to do.

The Overseas Coupon Program allows you to send your expired manufacturer's coupons to military bases around the world. The military families can use manufacturer's coupons that are up to two months past expiration to buy items at the commissary store.

This is program is an all volunteer program and is not affiliated with the military in anyway. It is not a tax deductible charity, but it'd be a blessing to help military families stretch their hard earned dollars.

Don't just start mailing your manufacturer coupons to military bases. This is a volunteer charity, not affiliated with the military. You sign up to adopt a base and send coupons to the address given. It sounds easy enough, you separate them by food and non-food coupons and put in a baggie. You do have to pay the postage expense, but what a blessing those coupons could be to military families.

This is just one of the many things our family is planning on doing to bless someone's life during these hard economic times. Being a homeschooling family, as we do these little things, we find the place on a map and try to learn a little about it, then we pray for the people at that base and for those who receive the coupons.

How are you helping others during these hard times?

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