Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sew Easy Beanbags

I made these cute turtle beanbags from a download I found on Crafty Crow. Sorry I didn't bookmark the exact page, but if you're interested, check out the site.

I made these for my youngest daughter's upcoming birthday. I was going to make her some beanbags for a toss game for her upcoming birthday party, anyway, so I decided to make a few of these turtles. I stuffed them with some of the 50 lb bag of rice I bought at Sam's Club, then found out we couldn't eat because it is enriched and contains gluten. Believe me there's still quite a bit of rice left - maybe I could feed it to my chickens. Anyway. . .

For the toss game, which I don't have made yet, I am going to use a large cardboard box. Cut several circles in that the beanbags can easily go through. Assign point values to the holes. Highest points wins.

Does anyone else have any birthday party suggestions? This is the first birthday party I've scheduled for a, will-be-8yr-old. Speaking of that. Does anyone have any gift suggestions? My daughter has no ideas of what she wants for her birthday.

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Dusti said...

Cute craft. That site has tons of great ideas!