Monday, May 4, 2009

Paper Pots for Indoor Planting

As I've shared before, we put out a huge vegetable garden. To the tune of a half acre garden. We are trying to start seeds, but we ran out of recycled trays from the greenhouse. I absolutely refused to buy the seed starting trays in the store because they are too expensive.

Making them is simple. Just find a food can. I used a tomato paste can, the smaller the better. Cut newspaper or ads into pieces about the size of the can. Use 2 or more sheets (thickness) per pot. Roll around can, secure with scotch tape. Then, fold the bottom like you would if you were rolling coins in wrappers to deposit.

It was sooo easy to make these that my 7 year old joined in the fun. She said we were like assembly line workers. I wonder where she comes up with this stuff!

We are keeping ours in a plastic tote until planting. At planting time, just plant the whole thing the paper is bio-degradable.

Thanks Kendra for the original idea.


Jennifer said...

What a great idea and you can just put the whole thing in the ground too, right?

Calina said...

Yes, the whole thing goes into the ground. How frugal is that?

Dusti said...

I did paper pots for the first time this year. They are so great! I don't have to store potting supplies all year and they were Free so, now I'm praying everything grows well. :)