Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Book Adventure

Another frugal, fun thing we do in the summer is reading. We join numerous reading programs.

I'm going to keep working on improving my daughter's reading skills over the summer. She loves to earn badges, so I think she will like this program I signed her up for today.

Book Adventure is a site run by Sylvan Learning. Kids sign up and read books from a long list. After they have read the book, they go to the site and take a quiz. By taking quizzes, the kids earn prizes! They can also play games on the site.

One of the prizes is a 6 month subscription to Highlights magazine!

My middle daughter did this in the fourth grade and enjoyed earning prizes. Not that she needs any motivation to read.

Many of the books on the list are books that we will be checking out of our local library for their summer reading program. So she'll get double the prizes for reading the books.

So what are you doing to "fun school" this summer?


AF Wife99 said...

That sounds like a really good idea! I hope to encourage my oldest DD to spend more time reading, to try to finish off our free readings for the school year.

Dee Yoder said...

We did Book Adventures just as long as we possibly could! It was a great way to motivate my son to read. Even though he liked reading, he liked other things more, so having him focus his reading through Book Adventures was good. It was also a great way to keep track of all he had read through the years.

Raye Ann said...

We school year round. We were going every week 4 days a week. Minis Biblical Feast, Holidays, and Spring Break. We are switching this year to 6 days a week, with shorter days and 3 weeks on and 1 week off. Minis all of the above. Taking off a few weeks to rearrange the classroom and work out the new school schedule. Start back in July.

Doing Reading, nature study, and field trips this summer.


Calina said...

Raye Ann-

It looks like we are schooling mostly year-round, too. I say that kicking and screaming! Let's put it this way, she has completed the required 180 days of 1st grade. And, I so need a vacation, but for summer schooling we are not following a curriculum.

We did take one week off so I could paint my bedroom. LOL!

My youngest daughter definately has catching up to do to be where she should be. I hope to post more on that later.