Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Around the World Brownie Scout Badgework (United States)

We started learning about different countries and cultures for social studies. While officially we're done with first grade, we are continuing our culture/country learning while earning a new badge.

*While doing this, we expanded and did three badges at once: People of the World, Playing Around the World and Brownie Scouts Around the World.

For each country, we made a report using clip art pages representative of each country we learned about.

The first country we studied was the United States. I had some clip art pages printed out for the US, so she put these together in a book and I typed easy to read captions so she can "read" another book.

United States

Language Hunt

We discussed that English is the national language right now, but that there are many languages spoken here.

Games of the World

We talked about America's favorite past time, baseball. Of course, we took her new ball and bat outside and played a little in the yard!

We also played Red Light, Green Light for Playing Around the World Badgework.


We learned and sang along with the Wee Sing Patriotic Songs. Including the national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner.

World Stories

The only folk or fairytale we were able to find that originated in the US was the Wizard of Oz. We will be watching that movie over the next week or so.

We also learned about Washington DC and the many monuments there, New York and the Statue of Liberty, and California and the Golden Gate Bridge.

We discussed the culture of America how it's blended and we learned about cowboys and Navajo Native Americans.

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